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    encouraging green cover

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    We fight global warming

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    Emergency Response Programme

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    Re-afforestation Programme

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    Socio-economic activities

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    Environmental consequences

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    Sensitising Society

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    Impact assessment Programme

  • Oil Spillage

    With oil spills and pipeline leakages, we clean up spills and assess the residual impacts
  • Refuse Dumping

    We are concerned with the deplorable environmental condition in most cities especially the dumping of waste on roads and public space. 
  • Deforestation

    We aim at promoting the green cover to curb the effect of global warming and climate change to achieve conducive environment.
  • Gas Flare

    With oil spills and pipeline leakages, we clean up spills and assess the residual impacts

Our awesome partners

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment; we are the environment.

Our pledge

Vision: A sustainable environment for socioeconomic development in Nigeria.

Save Nigerian Environment Initiative (SNEI) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that strives to sensitise, educate and promote the protection, conservation and efficient use of the environment in a sustainable manner for socio-economic development. It is an organisation registered under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990.

Mission: To ensure a clean, safe and sustainable environment in both rural and urban areas for future generations through:

  • Education

    Educating communities in rural areas on  the adverse environmental consequences of the environmental systems, particularly as related to socio-economic activities
  • Sensitization

    Sensitising society in environmental management and impact assessment
  • Promotion

    Promoting environmentally friendly programmes and projects in communities
  • Green cover

    Keeping the environment clean and encouraging green cover
  • Monitoring

    Monitoring of air quality and water pollution