National Coordinator -Ernest Afiesimama

Ernest A. Afiesimama holds a first class (B.Tech) degree in Meteorology and Master of Sciences (Distinction) degree in Hydrology and Water Resources and Ph.D in Climatology. He also holds Weather Observer(CLIV) and Weather Forecaster (CLII) professional certificates with distinctions. He has advanced diploma in electrical/electronic engineering and other postgraduate certificates in environmental and climate related fields.

He lectured at World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Meteorological Regional Training Centre (MRTC), Lagos for over 15 years and supervised over 25 undergraduate and post graduate students.

Dr Afiesimama is a senior associate of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Physics of Weather and Climate Group), Trieste, Italy. He is a member of the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA) International Scientific Steering Committee (ISSC) and also the Chair of Scientific Committee of AMMA in Africa.  He is a member of some professional bodies including the American Meteorological Society, Nigerian Meteorological Society and Nigerian Hydrogeological Association. He is a member of the WMO JSC WWRP.


He writes reports on environmental impact assessment, issues relating to socio-economic analyses on climate risks, mitigation options and adaptation strategies due to climate variability and change on local, national and international projects. He was the Lead Author to Nigeria’s Second National Communication on the development of Climate Scenarios in Nigeria.

He received the International START/PACOM AWARD in 2005 on Climate Variability and Change over West Africa, which was successfully executed.

Dr Afiesimama has travelled wide in course of his research activities. He has a number of research publications on environment, weather, water and climate related fields over West Africa in many international and local journals including articles in World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Bulletins. He has contributions in books, numerous paper publications in conference proceedings and workshops. He also reviews journal papers from reputable publishers.

He speaks Ijaw, English and French fluently and has a working knowledge of Igbo.