Youth and Community Empowerment Programme

We work to support people especially youth and local communities who rely on environment for their basic needs. SNEI encourages and empowers them to engage in other profitable projects/activities (like sustainable agriculture, craft and other vocational projects) instead of confronting the natural environment.

Other key activities in mainstreaming early warning environmental systems (EWES) include:

  • Education training and public awareness targeting schools to ensure that today’s young people fully understand the environmental challenges their generation is expected to face in the decades ahead;
  • Develop strategic communications, including through mutually reinforcing messages in local languages with the appropriate ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of government, to convey a sense of urgency in dealing with the environmental changes and impacts; and
  • Help communicate successful mitigation and adaptation programmes to key stakeholders to promote replication of best practices and success stories using the Internet and other social media networks in a bid to support Public Private Partnerships.

Emergency Response Programme

We are involved in disseminating early warning environmental information in local languages to mitigate disasters, provide services during search and rescue and also conduct post –disaster environmental clean-up.

Public Sanitation Programme

We are concerned with the deplorable environmental condition in most cities especially the dumping of waste on roads and public space. We are therefore involved in cleaning up the environment for healthy living.

Spillage Clean-up Programme

With oil spills and pipeline leakages, we clean up spills and assess the residual impacts.

Tree Planting and Re-afforestation Programme

We aim at promoting the green cover to curb the effect of global warming and climate change to achieve conducive environment.